Marketing & copywriting; Let’s be honest about it

Once upon a time in a valley far away there was a giant ad agency who could move mountains. With copywriting and marketing concepts it was always hungry for more business and it’s giant neighbours would help out and throw him large amounts of food in the form of money every now and then. The giant helped it’s neighbours businesses to reach customers far beyond the valley they lived in. The giant would use magic spells and it’s gigantic power to propel the messages over great distances deep into the ears and hearts of all customers that these businesses wanted to reach. This way they got more clients and sold more products and services. All this power required alot of resources to fulfill the giant’s hunger. Whenever a small business owner asked the giant for help but could not afford to give him the regular amount of money to satisfy him, the giant laughed roaringly and said he should leave the serious selling to giant businesses. This did not fair well with other small business owners who wanted to reach the same success as the giants. After all there was enough room to live in the valley for everyone wasn’t there?

One day a small business called KameleonCopy decided it was enough. He started practising spells and learn the ways of marketing to help. Initially he struggled to find the magic formula needed for success. He tried to come up with different concepts and strategies to make the same magic happen but he failed numerous times. However, with vigorous practise he achieved success and was also able to use spells just as well as the giant. Ever since that day he was successfully helping out other small businesses to reach their goals. And what happened to the giants? They were eventually surpassed by the sheer numbers in which the small businesses moved forward and grew their success with equal greatness. The giants moved away from the valley to leave the small businesses room to grow into giants themselves. And they all lived happily ever after.

Some story, right? Of course you don’t believe in fairytales. You just want someone to help you get results. But to be honest a good story is what will help you get results. Stories help customers connect with your brand and your product and it’s a good story that will have them coming back for more. We love a good story and we love to help you find yours. To keep it short and sweet that is what we can do for you. We obviously don’t do spells. We do copywriting and marketing which is in a way sort of magic.

Welcome to Kameleon